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The development of PKF Audit Conseil originates from the strong commitment by our loyal and dedicated teams combined with a creative and innovative approach.

Our teams are trained in the “PKF Audit Conseil spirit” and share our core values of ethical integrity and professional independence. Our auditors are recruited from amongst the top-ranking schools and universities and are selected from all backgrounds with a keen focus on their human qualities and personal initiative.

Due to our human resources policy and our multidisciplinary organisation, working for PKF Audit Conseil is a truly motivational experience. The variety and quality of the work we do and the richness of the discussions and interactions with the partners and managers ensure genuine professional growth.

Our personal values, particularly the close relationship fostered by the partners with their teams, allow us to increase the loyalty of our employees and to build long term teams.

Whether your company is regional, national or international, in the early stages of development, expansion or reorganisation, our teams will work alongside you and provide you with advice suited to your various needs. We have the speed and the flexibility of a human sized structure of allied with international expertise.

Our desire is to support you and to create a lasting relationship with you based on mutual trust, respect and expertise.



President and managing partner

 Sylvain LAVAGNA



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