PKF Audit Conseil

Statutory Auditors & Chartered Accountants

60% commercial sector - 40% social economy

Our clients, our pride!

We believe that our market is not broken up according to the size of our corporate clients but according to the technical complexity and added value sought by our clients.

Our clients are mainly comprised of the following:

  • Listed companies / major corporations and their subsidiaries, which are keen to ensure the stringency of their financial information and who are seeking convenient, tailored, high-level and competitive services.
  • Social economy players, wishing to have access to audit, chartered accounting and legal specialists in the voluntary sector.
  • Family-owned groups and small, medium and intermediate enterprises, seeking to expand and obtain support by calling on multidisciplinary services.
  • Business creators, seeking accessible advice to establish their business plan in addition to the required funds as well as customised and competitive global accounting, tax and social services.
  • Investors for the performance of due diligence operations and certification of specific transactions.

Based on our international experience, we are a prime partner for foreign companies wishing to set up in France as well as for European and international institutions.

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