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Strong values that set us apart


Our firm chose to put ethics, independence and high quality at the forefront of our development strategy.

PKF Audit Conseil is headed by Guy CASTINEL, its Chief Executive Officer. He relies on the members of the executive committee comprised of Sylvain LAVAGNA, General Manager, Aurélie LAFITTE, Nicolas LEHNERTZ, Franck COSTAGLIOLA and Arnaud FILIPPI.

They are backed by a young, dynamic, motivated and multilingual team. Every year we strengthen the teams by attracting top-tier and outstanding talents from prestigious schools or institutions.

Moreover, we enhance and maintain the spirit of the company through common leisure activities such as our PKF Audit Conseil football team which trains every week and takes part in the annual Chartered Accountants Tournament.

We were the first audit firm to sign the 2010 Diversity Charter, promoting different cultures for the benefit of all.

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