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Statutory Auditors & Chartered Accountants

An attentive and available team

Our values

At PKF Audit Conseil, we firmly believe that people can only work well together if they know each other well and have a close relationship. We work together via direct relationships in an atmosphere of trust, efficiency and quality without any costly structures in order to offer convenient and high value-added services and solutions.

Our firm’s success is more fundamentally linked to our ethics and philosophy than to mere know-how:

  • An attentive and available team as our priority is to understand your company
  • Maximum responsiveness combined with professionalism and respect of the key phases of an engagement
  • A convenient service combined with a national and international network
  • Constant endeavour for performance through close dialogue with leading partners
  • A desire to provide long-term support to our customers through tailored solutions

Our partners and teams are committed to working alongside you throughout all phases of our company.


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