PKF Audit Conseil

Statutory Auditors & Chartered Accountants

Our diversity is our strength!

A multidisciplinary firm attuned to your needs

Give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and provide you with assistance in developing the full potential or your company!

Our services are organised according to  eight  core business areas:

  • Audit
  • Finance Advisory
  • Corporate Contribution and Mergers
  • Consultancy
  • Social Expertise
  • Outsourcing & Foreign Desk
  • Digitalisation
  • Legal - Taxation

Because your company is unique, we place emphasis on getting to know your specific circumstances before starting a project. Firstly we present you with the principles and procedures suited to your needs and priorities. We confirm the terms and conditions of a tailor-made solution with you.

The solution is implemented by one of the firm’s executive office in direct contact with you and your managers. We provide you with regular updates and recommendations. We assess the company’s progress with you.

We deliver straightforward communication avoiding technical and obtuse jargon; in complex situations, we always seek a clear, pragmatic and cost effective solution based on our desire to bring added value to your company.

The partner or the engagement manager will be your only general point of contact and will make the link with the specialists in order to maintain the required overall vision and perspective.

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