PKF Audit Conseil

Statutory Auditors & Chartered Accountants

Capital contributions - mergers

Business reorganisation:

  • Capital contribution-merger transactions
  • Legal and tax advisory

We deliver our services in accordance with the law and the French Institute of Statutory Auditors (CNCC) and IASB standards. We apply a rigorous, professional, innovative and scalable approach, relying on an analysis of the risks related with the company’s business operations.

Challenges associated with business reorganisation

We provide you with advice and seek the best solutions for you by taking into account the regulatory, tax, social, economic and accounting environment.

PKF Audit Conseil acts as a capital contribution auditor or merger auditor and also provides legal assistance in relation to special benefits.

Statutory services:

  • As capital contribution auditor, we ensure and certify that the value of the assets in kind included in the contribution is not overestimated and provide an opinion on any special benefits which may have been stipulated.
  • As merger and spin-off auditors, we provide assurances as to the relevance of the selected assessment methods and appraise the fairness of the planned exchange ratio.

Non-statutory services:

  • We provide assistance to decision makers and their lawyer in the performance of restructuring operations
  • We help to determine the most suitable legal arrangements to fit management targets
  • We carry out financial assessments.

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