PKF Audit Conseil

Statutory Auditors & Chartered Accountants

Social expertise

  • Payroll management and social security formalities
  • Employment contracts, employee profit sharing, incentive programmes, state subsidised skills development contracts (e.g. state aided contracts)
  • Compliance audits, optimisation study
  • Organisation of staff representative body elections

Payroll management is a complicated, time-consuming and risky task. We can prepare your payslips and handle your social charges.

The HR function is a strategic issue for the proper development of companies, however this function is sometimes overlooked. Being well structured allows the company to focus on its core business, save time and money. Moreover, many changes have been made to the French labour code in the past few months and it is sometimes difficult for employers to know their legal obligations.

PKF delivers tailored solutions suited to your requirements.

Your payslips are prepared by payroll specialists. This allows you to secure your file, save time and money. A payroll manager is specifically assigned to you and this engagement also includes customary social law advice.

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